September 2015 – Discover what’s new with Hiptest

This summer has been really hot for our Dev team. We have deployed and tested a couple of new features the past few weeks. We hope you’ve enjoyed them!

New features

You can now track your test run progress as you execute your tests

Can track run progress with Hiptest

Real time report of a scenario status for the different test runs it belongs to

Real time report Hiptest

Automate tests for mobile with & Hiptest

Support of Gherkin and integration with Cucumber
Are you an aficionado or plan to adopt BDD and cucumber? You will love Hiptest. Now it supports the Gherkin syntax and provide an integration with cucumber:

  • Import your existing features files (beta coming this week, contact for more info)
  • Create, modify, manage your features & scenarios with a realtime and cloud platform
  • Create your examples with datatable
  • Export your feature files and integrate with cucumber

Isn’t that cool?

And there is more: manage your organization, clone projects, bulk actions on scenarios…

So what’s the Agenda for the coming months?

  • Deeper integration with Jira. Yeaaaaa
  • Support of C# and Specflow
  • Filter tests by status
  • Bulk actions on test….

And don’t forget to take a look at our backlog and vote for your favourite features, it’s public: Hiptest Board.



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