Check out what we’ve added to Hiptest

We are incredibly proud to announce the latest features we have recently deployed in production.


Hiptest does now support SpecFlow, C#/NUnit, Javascript/Mocha, PHP/PHPUnit. This simply means the largest support of test frameworks in the market!

Hiptest supports lots of frameworks!

Don’t miss our tutorial on using Hiptest with Selenium Webdriver and Hiptest with Calabash for mobile app testing.

Integration with Jira

Hiptest has now a deeper integration with Jira. You can link your Hiptest project with your Jira instance and define bi-directional links

Hiptest has a deeper integration with Jira tool

In the coming days, you’ll be able to create Jira issues directly from Hiptest. This feature is in beta and being validated. Just a couple of days of patience and you’ll enjoy it 🙂

And we have deployed many more improvements: filter tests by status, add/move projects to an organization…

Take a look at our public board

Agile and Automation

These are not just words. We are the very first testing tool provider to deploy continuously in production. We do about 10 deployments a day for more than 2 years now. So when we talk about agile, devOps and testing in a continuous deployment project, we know what we are talking about. Read our blog post to know more.

You can also look at out latest webinar on test automation: automate your tests at the speed and scale of agile.

A million thanks for your support, and to all our customers. This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to share with you our future plans…

Stay tuned and enjoy testing,
All the best,


Product manager

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