Wrap up and good resolutions

It is almost the end of the year. Time to make a wrap up of our last updates and make good resolutions for the coming year.

As a DevOps team we deploy up to 10 times a day in production. So new features and improvements have been massively delivered during the past few weeks 🙂

Deeper Jira integration

You can now create issues to a Jira server directly from Hiptest. This feature was already available for Jira cloud and now works in both cases.

When you create such an issue, Hiptest analyses all the mandatory fields of your Jira project and automatically displays them:

Create Jira issue in Hiptest

Some great new features

Build your own reports

This one was definitely requested by many of you. Thanks for your patience. As an Hiptest team member I was able to use it for couple of days and it is super flexible! Create your reports and measure automation progress, priorities… I’am sure you’ll love it.

Test management tool metrics

Revision History

You now have a revision history for any Hiptest element. That enables you to keep track of changes over the time. At some point in the future, it will be possible to retrieve a previous definition from this revision history

Revision history

Notification system

Don’t miss important updates! You get notified when access to a project is granted or revoked, your role in a project has changed, and when tests are assigned to you or unassigned!

Notification system

And many more improvements

Add multiple scenarios to an existing test run, export of scenarios into an excel file…

We are happy to welcome Bluemix in our ecosystem

Hiptest is now available as a Bluemix DevOps service. This new integration provides to all the IBM/Bluemix users a great agile test management solution. Hiptest is the only one solution supporting Behavior Driven Development -BDD–  in this ecosystem. So welcome to all the IBMers.


What can you expect for next year?

Well Hiptest is part of an ecosystem. And we’ll continue to strengthen the integrations with Atlassian tools, Slack and GitHub to make your workflow as smooth as possible. We will also continue to expose more APIs and enable deeper integration in your stack.

Our second priority will be about productivity: making your testing life and collaboration easier. There are many tasks that can be automated in Hiptest. So basically it will become even easier to copy/paste, filter, do all actions in bulk…

The last area is about Living documentation. As you know our team is a big believer in BDD. This approach can increase by 10x your development productivity. And we think it is time to unleash all the benefits you can get from executable specification and living documentation.  We are super excited to share with you some crazy ideas 🙂

So stay tuned, we have many updates and some big surprises in the oven.

Enjoy your holiday season and a happy new year!

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