UKStar Wrap-up

Time to say bye to the first UKStar event. It has been a fantastic conference. Around 300 attendees from many countries. Here is my top list of sessions.

The Future of Tech by James Whittaker, Microsoft


Apps are eating the web. But future is elsewhere. Machines are learning our habits faster than we can form them. They will be able to answer complex intents even before we ask. Mobiles and screens will disappear. The future will be IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning. Imagine the machines using a marketplace of services that rely on Bigdata to answer the questions and address your request! Waaaoo

I also really like James’ vision for the future of software testing

“Testing, as a separate role, is largely a dying discipline. The future of test is as an activity, not as a role. You aren’t a tester. You are an engineer who does many things and one of them happens to be test. So learn engineering first and treat testing as the subfield it actually is. Stop elevating it past its actual importance. It is the creation and construction of products and services that we should celebrate and testing is part of that creation and construction, not something to be celebrated apart from the whole”

Fearless Development by Kristian Karl from Spotify

What does it take to give a team that fuzzy but great feeling of confidence before any release? The feeling that gives you the trust to refactor, innovate and fixing stuff at speed, but without breaking your product for yourself and anyone else.

No more blame games. No more angry email threads. Just this great feeling confidence and security. This is the experience that Kristian Karl shared with us: dozens of teams working on the same product and deploying continuously. Here are some of the great tips:

  • Just a master branch, no feature branches
  • Zero bugs policy: when getting an issue, fix it or create a task in your backlog as part of the technical debt
  • Mix of automated checks and Exploratory testing
  • Requirements and traceability with scripts (even as agile teams)
  • Bug prevention over bug detection


Quality Conversation Track

I’ve had a lot of fun co-presenting a Conversation Track on Quality with KaterynaTesting Value First Before Correctness and Quality Versus Velocity  were the two topics discussed during this session. The room was packed and there were almost as many definitions of Quality as attendees 🙂

I’ll get back with a detailed blog post soon to describe the three steps I presented to test continuously your DevOps pipeline.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 16.50.54.png

And a BIG thank you for visiting us at our booth. Remember you can start Behavior Driven Development with Hiptest for free:)





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