Summer product updates ☀️

Hey, Hiptesters!

Summer is over -for a while now, I know-, and it has been a particularly productive one for the Hiptest team. Lot of brand new features have been deployed the last quarter, so let’s go for a recap!

Living documentation

Sharing the knowledge of the features of a product between tech and business teams
is a tough challenge for a lot of teams. That’s why we have developed the living documentation feature that allow you to display your scenarios in an accessible, readable way


Technically, this feature is activated only for BDD projects.
The living documentation is fed (and synchronized) with the content of a test run.

When we designed this feature, our idea was to be able to have a documentation
reflecting the state of the deployed product, which is achievable, if you base your living documentation on your CI/CD test run. This way, you can also manage your branches documentations, for example, for a staging version of your application.

Also, you can visualize the history of a feature directly from its page:


We are really proud and happy to deliver this feature to you, so don’t hesitate to give us feedback about it 🙂

New manual execution process

We also started to entirely redesign the tests manual execution feature. A lot of requested functionalities (ability to group test results per campaign, multi-platforms execution and so on) were basically impossible to implement in the former design without causing huge ergonomics issues.

That’s why, after a lot of brainstorms, developments and liters of coffee, we have deployed the execution cycle feature:


With it, you can:

– start/pause/resume an execution campaign
– group your test results and get metrics cycle by cycle

We will continuously enhance this feature the coming weeks, and work on a more metric-centric view when navigating in your test runs and also… multi-platforms execution!

Other improvements

Apart from these two big epics, we also released a lot of improvements and bug fixes, like:

– New API endpoints to create and update scenarios and action words
– New Hiptest look and feel
– The clone projects and folders features does not create duplicates of action words if they already exists
– New “Tester” role for project members management
– And a lot of others!

That’s it!

We have already started to work on new features that we will deploy -as usual- all along this new quarter.
See you at Christmas for new updates! 🎅

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