End of 2017 Product updates

First, Happy New Year to all! Time has come to make our usual recap about what happened in the product the last quarter!

Step editor enhancement

The renaming of an action word could be sometimes kind of dangerous, since the new name and potential parameters updates were impacting every scenarios that called it. We have added a way to select between two options when performing an action word renaming:

Rename here: the renaming won’t impact the other uses (and if the name match another action word, this one will be used)
Rename everywhere: the action word will be renamed everywhere

Capture d_écran 2018-01-10 à 11.04.40

In the future, we will propose suggestions when renaming, the same way we do when you’re typing new steps

Import and update features from files

This feature was one of our most asked ones in our public backlog.
From a folder of your project, you have now the possibility to upload a (or multiple) feature file(s) (Cucumber, SpecFlow and every other Gherkin-based frameworks). This will import the data of the files, and create automatically your scenarios, action words, examples and so on!

Plus, uploading a file of an already existing feature in Hiptest will update it.

This is a powerful way to import quickly your already existing features, updating easily big datatables, or getting back to a previous version of a feature!


A lot of you informed us that they encountered issues when using datatables, like disappearing data they just typed -again, sorry for that.
That’s why a few of our developers have worked very hard on a full redesign of this component, to make it safer and faster.
They also add a better error management to inform you if Hiptest encountered the slightest problem when saving your data.

To apologize, they also added new endpoints in our API to allow you to manage your datasets programmatically.

Do not hesitate to let us informed if anything go wrong again!

Other improvements

As usual, a lot of smaller (but still useful!) features have been released all along the quarter:

  • Full Markdown syntax support: all the description fields are now Markdown compliant (meaning you can display images in it, for example ;))
  • Embed your Trello items: link your cards and boards in your folders and scenarios, and interact with them, directly from Hiptest (activate the integration from your project settings first!)
  • hiptest-publisher new web interface (with filtering capabilities)
  • API endpoints to manage scenarios hierarchy

We are happy to have delivered all these new exciting features and to have spent an amazing 2017 year with you!

We also hope that you’re as eager as us to see Hiptest grow and become more enjoyable every day of 2018 🙂

Thanks also for all the feedback and support… that means a lot to us here!

See you in three months 😉


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