State of Behavior Driven Development 2018 – The results!

State of BDD results 2018

As you may know, we launched our ‘State of Behavior Driven Development Survey‘ a few weeks ago and reached many answers. If you want to read the full report, scroll down below!

As a quick reminder for people who aren’t familiar with the methodology : Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an approach to software development aimed at redefining team collaboration. Business users, product owners, developers, and testers start by defining features through examples and use them to drive development. These examples are used to create a shared understanding and capture business knowledge prior to coding.

It’s now time to share the results with you!

Did you know…

  • Almost half of all teams are already using Behavior Driven Development
  • We have seen an increase from 45% to 74% in multiple roles involved in writing BDD scenarios
  • The transition to test automation is real with teams practicing BDD automating a majority of their tests
  • and so much more!

To learn more check out our infographic!

Enjoy reading and let us know your thoughts!

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